Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Consumer Warning On David Woods And IMAC Computer Repair In Sarasota Florida

Having your property stolen is one of the worst things that can happen to us. And as customers, sometimes we all might get burned from time to time. It could be inevitable. And it hurts. Business people who betray your trust and confidence. And boy can it make us mad. If this happens, many might feel "how could I have been so stupid"? Or "I should have done something a lot differently". These are normal questions for sure. I feel I'm a pretty smart consumer, and never would have dreamed that I would loose a valuable item to a computer repair guy. In early February 2014 I first met David Woods at my part time job as a gatehouse guard for a homeowners association in Bradenton Florida. Now I am 58. I've been around a lot of people in my life and on my share of jobs. As I've matured I feel I have been a pretty good judge of peoples traits, habits, and personalities. People will usually give you clues about who they are. And many might not realize it.

1- My first email to David on 2-26-14. I heard nothing.
2- I emailed David again on 3-1.
3- Received an email from David on 3-2 apologizing for not responding and saying he had some personal issue to take care of.
4- On 3-2 I emailed David acknowledging him and ask him to get back when he became free.
5- On 3-13 David emailed saying he had some personal issues lately and would contact me next week (same day I respond back).
6- On 3-23 David emailed me saying he had a sick pet to tend to and could pick up my computer on Thursday 3-27. I contacted him back on the same day and suggested meeting at a Sports Authority to avoid giving out a front gate code and saving him time locating my apartment.
7- David acknowledges me on 3-26 days agreeing to meet on Thursday 3-27 at Sports Authority around 4pm. David arrived shortly after me and I gave him my computer. Stupid me I never asked for a repair receipt on it.

So now as of 7-22-15, it has been 485 days with no email or phone call (I will keep updating the days) Nothing. A $400 computer gone forever. Many might say I should call the guy or go to his house. I have a feeling if I did confront him, he would deny I ever dropped my computer off, and I'd get pretty mad at him. Besides I trusted this guy (which obviously I shouldn't have). I did not receive nor ask for a repair ticket. Only emails from him. No I'm going to do a different approach. I'm making posts about this on as many places as I can. They are on Facebook, Flickr, Craigslist, and Rinehart Video Productions Dot Com. The more posts, the better chance of Google grabbing it and having perspective customers see it.

There is no doubt my computer has been stolen by David Woods. It was a 2012 HP Pavilion Slimline s5xt-8 GB Ram-1 TB Hard Drive. Serial Number 2MD2050N1M. Used very little. I considered it like new. A really nice one. So now all my searches and private information have been compromised by this guy. Imagine how that would make you feel?

As you can see below David Woods is not living high on the hog. He is driving a Hyundai Elantra probably around a 1999 model. My research found the property has an estimated value of $180,300, and yearly taxes of $1,788. This condo has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and approximately 1,276 square feet of living space. The property was built in 1973. Photos taken 7-4-14.


So anyone doing business with this guy just beware. Are there other thieves and shysters out there that you've had encounters with? Please leave a comment to share here. Thanks a bunch.